Improving Repository of reports


  • We scanned another 59 mission documents, converted them to pdf and uploaded them to the repository
  • New upload of the db as metadata repository for the search engine. Check all Bioversity file names, rename them according to content type and submission and link them to the metadata db

    → to be done by IT (Massimo,…), Ilaria and myself. Process, duration and all necessary details to be discussed with Dario/Massimo.

  • OCR on Mission Reports (ca. 1000 pdf’s, typewritten) - NOT YET

    → could be done by IT (Massimo,..) or also Ilaria. 

For the farther future..

  • Save every single collecting form (ca. 40.000) as single pdf and link it to the db. 

To improve the pdf-repository I will need the collaboration with Web team for the metadata association and publication and also the help of Ilaria to check and edit, if necessary, about 3.000 pdf files. Another possibility could be to focus with OCR on the typewritten documents (about 1000 mission reports).