Collected sample DB maintenance


  • As by today Bioversity’s collecting mission database includes passport data records from 149.000 collected samples, 90% with georeference (lat/long).

(From those, 48.000 collecting site were already calculated using BioGeomancer and GEOLocate (Geoparsing) from descriptive site information.)

2. a) Quality improvement of the db and documentation - ALL DONE

  • Finalize the data extraction and integration. Only 7000 samples are left to check.

    → to be done by Ilaria and Hannes. Will be finished approximately by end of October!!

  • Run another geoparsing session to improve passport data quality for another 10.000 samples. 

    → to be done by Ilaria. Duration +/- 3 weeks. 

  • Create workflow/report regarding the geoparsing work done on the database and update the final technical report

    → to be done by Hannes and Ilaria. Duration +/- 1 week. (More or less till the end of Ilaria’s contract at the end of November)

  • Check georeference against country boundaries.

    → to be done by Hannes. Duration +/- 1 week