progress reports

Meeting 12/12

Action: Send bullet points on ideas and suggestions  to Elizabeth by Friday13th January

  • Hannes on the plans for collecting  mission database
  • Sonia on  how EURISCO NFPs could be involved
  • Get info on how to put the DB on the CGIAR domain (Luca)
  • Integrated Facebook enabling and permalinks in the DB upgrade

Brainstorming meeting for concept notes development - Monday 12th December

Entry point: Linking the collected samples to the genebank accession and show the tribute of the missions to the ex situ genebanks -  Collected missions samples data and repository - will be the entry point

1. The Collected missions samples database will be upgraded as a geospatial database with an API (LUCA/HANNES) and a proof of concept with GRIN and SINGER PaD

2. Links identified between collected samples and accessions could easily be cross referenced:

    • 18,000 GRIN using the PI number – Contact USDA
    • 3,5000 SINGER - can be directly with SINGER PaD or with the result of the web scraping
    • 1,5000 EURISCO - national inventories

Develop a Collecting mission concept note 

Objective and rough content : Get better vision, Historical missions, good Stories, Add Photos and maps 

Explain why there was a need of collecting new diversity started in70s? Cataloging images and specimen - in situ 

Ref. Smithsonian Field books project. CGIAR centers to add  their mission information. If Samples are not anymore there, the data can still be used for erosion or evolution studies.