GCP GRM 2011- To do

TEAM MEETING 20/09 - invite Glenn to join - read again the objectives and questions for each session
    1. Keep a list of discussion points for meeting on Tuesday 20 September - ROSEMARY/AUDREY
    • Presentation/ video - test the videos - add the annotation tool
    • How to prepare at best the crop sessions with the ontology curators? we have questions listed in the agenda that can be put on the flipchart papers before the sessions and hang them on the wall ? - compile the questions of the crop ontology curators = meet them and decide how to manage the sessions.
    • check we have all Trait list on our wiki
    • How to introduce agtrials?
    • Decide about the way we organize this session for our colleagues to annotate and upload their trait lists, practice the use of the tool as curators - team meeting 20/09
    • Do we need exercises? Luca has this on his todo list
    • Is there a need for Rosemary to show the use of OBO-Edit?
    • Ask participants during the crop group sessions to fill in the survey. can be done during the data clinic sessions DAY4 
    • Link on the Curation tool homepage - AUDREY/LUCA
  • Rosemary to bring receipt/invoice for reimbursement of posters printing costs.
    1. Collect the feedback from the crop ontology curators and upload on the wiki their list: Prasad, Praveen, Alberto , Moshood and Ibrahima, ruaraidh - DONE
    2. upload the trait lists on the background documents page- ROSEMARY
  • DISPLAY POSTERS Ensure all 3 posters (including Bakare's) were brought at the meeting and mount them on the posters boards as follows:
- 3.5 & 3.6: Expansion of the crop ontology by adding cassava (3.5) and Musa (3.6) trait ontologies
- 3.7: To contribute crop trait lists using the new online Crop Ontology Curation and Annotation Tool.

Plenary presentation ' use of ontology'
Power point presentation - summary project  larger Rosemary-Elizabeth to be circulated 10th September 

action  inserting the comments and videos - 18th/09 - ELizabeth

Actions done but awaiting reply or follow up

d. Organization of a team meeting on the 20th Sept: - Audrey - Sent request to Griselda to book secretary room from mid-afternoon for 2-3 hours for our team meeting. Griselda will reconfirm which room will be assigned to us.


    For Rosemary

  1. Rosemary will ask Mau what to do with the ICIS data property ontology ? Done - awaiting reply - SEND A REMINDER - DONE
  2. Rosemary will check the Traits lists provided by curators for consistency wiht those uploaded on the IBP wiki
  3. will send a mail to remind the curators that they need to compile quesitons specific to their c rop group
  4. Discuss the Potato ontology with Reinhard as accessions numbers appear as children terms under the trait names - REMOTE DISCUSSION

B. Poster on Tool, Cassava and  Musa
  • 3 Posters uploaded and 2 were printed on 15th by CIMMYT - IITA to print the last one - confirm with Bakare

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