F. ICIS needs and API

I would like to follow up on the discussion Luca and I were having re. ontology curation tool knowing that the ICIS team needs to understand what is the database structure used by the tool in order to use it for ICIS. WE all agree that we need to clarify the workflow from the fieldbook to the trait dictionary and the ontology (and reverse).

The idea is that the ICIS team, or any other application or user, will send and receive data to the Curation Tool using a Web Service API.

The API will provide the ability to create, read, update and delete Ontology terms. Currently you can use the OBO upload service to create Ontologies, and you can also send JSON.
The structure of the JSON will be discussed further on the API page. Eventually the system will support other standard file formats for Ontologies, like OWL.

The ICIS team needs to keep their Traits data synchronized with the Curation Tool, so they will need an extensive API documentation page to show them how to do this.