N. CO integration in IBP

Notes of the meeting with Brandon:

1) First step is for Brandon to create an iframe on this page https://www.integratedbreeding.net/crop-ontology that loads http://www.cropontology.org/

2) The iframe should actually load http://www.cropontology.org/?session=SESSb76d114f99a4xxxx with the extra session parameter. Me and Brandon will take care of details.

3) I will then make sure, based on the session token, the user information is properly loaded on the CO site. Brandon, I could probably just scrape the HTML homepage without much trouble to get this info, unless you can easily develop a simple JSON return result of the user. Anyway we can discuss details.

4) Outcome is that users will then be able to log into the IBP, go to https://www.integratedbreeding.net/crop-ontology, and find themselves being logged in the CO site as well, with the ability to comment/upload/edit ontologies using their IBP credentials.

(5) We also mention they the crop specific ontologies will be available as a link from the Forum, within the permanent  list of links on the top right: https://www.integratedbreeding.net/community/sorghum/forums. Fred precised that such an access should be implemented within each community such that it actually leads to the section of the Crop Ontology specific to that particular crop as we have done under Crop Information. Harold and I had a look and it would be great to have an additional tab for each crop page, displaying directly the given list of traits in the crop ontology