J. ToDo list


To Do after the hands on workshop

Online trait names minimum is ‘ default list for fieldbook’  - add a category :’ ibfieldbook ‘ for all crops - Luca/Tom

Advance your methods and scales as much as possible – clean the Trait Dictionary - Curators

Merge linguistic versions – Sorghum, Common bean - Curators

Display the various language version of one term, make it visible - Luca

Develop the download of the OBO files into template version3.0 - Luca

Add a Google translator feature on the site - Luca

In attribute, add a picklist feature to select a category for default FD - Luca

Upload the Trait dictionary

Add a CO unique identifier  for each : Trait, method and scale - Luca

Always add the version of the TD and the ontology - curators

Ability to sort on field values (e.g. categorical values) - Luca

System should enforce formatting rules when uploading 

Avoid the null column - :uca

All information of the Template version 3.0 needs to be translated  for june

Protocols will not be necessary but can be translated if time enables

The crop group will identify someone to do the translation and will assess time needed to send a cost estimate  - Curators

Global for all traits but identifying the cost for translating  the 50 traits and Trait Dictionary

Request will be discussed with GCP management

Add the experimentalFactors in CO