Luca's To do list

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Contact OBO-edit authors  
Annotation Tool Development  
Create fake users  
Tutorial for Hyderabad meeting - excercises for users  
OWL parser  
Meetup with Bakare  
Make button for Google search on terms  
Duplicate IDs issue  
Add Feedback button  
Add Rosemary user  
add message about Ontology upload happening in the background after upload  
Add name of ontology to ontology link  
Add comments RSS for each ontology  
PDF term download  
Have ability to add ROOT terms, not only children  
Add Method/Scale tests  
ability to delete (hide)  
After a term is added, and Saved is clicked, update it all  
Show date of OBO and upload date of OBO  
Annotation Tool red button  
Language terms  
Raise RSS for laptops - check with milko about warranty for products  
change footer  
Add New Terms = Add an ontology  
Remove the extra Ontology word  
add Jay to the about page as a collaborator  
Fix Paul Irish comment appearing when you go directly on a term  
show latest terms  
Add a Home button  
Add a "New" page for recent terms  
Contact brushan and graham about CR  
Ask Francesca about HR4u co-sueprvisor  
Add API Examples for Agtrials team - and also everyone else  
Widget for Annotation Tool  
mke sure that all new attributes are displayed after the definition and trait name  
attributes links shown as plain text while they should actually be links  
Showing 37 items