B. Curation & Annotation Tool

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Database Structure
  1. Each term is stored in a non-relational database and can have n properties
  2. The hierarchical structure is implemented by having a parent property in each term, which stores the ID of its parent; root terms have a parent set to null
  3. Relationship type (is_a, part_of, etc.) is stored directly in the term entity under a property called relationship
  1. By the end of July the Create and Read APIs will be complete. Also all the new features will be implemented
  2. Starting August we can start building the Annotation Tool which will be fed directly from these APIs. End of August this will be complete
  3. By end of July : tables with traits/methods/scales for Maize – ready within 2 weeks  - Rosemary will work on it when she is back (Hector/Rosemary -
  4. Beginning of AugustTable for Wheat -  (Hector/Rosemary)
  1. The site is being hosted on Google App Engine = http://www.cropontology-curationtool.org/
  2. The code is being versioned and hosted on GitHub
  3. To do list at :  https://trello.com/board/crop-ontology/4e858daf5e1715cc88aa95a1 (need a login, choose CGxchange address and login)

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