GCP Data Central Registry

On the Central Registry, http://gcpcr.grinfo.net/,  the GCP data sets produced by projects are registered,and uploaded by the Principal investigators (PI). PIs can allocate the access permission to the data file:  restricted access to the project team or public access that enables the download by anyone.
Modifications requested - August 2011

A new table that consists of all  uploaded 266 GCP CR file names along with their existing project nos.  four more columns  were added that shows the AX Project Nos, type of the project, SP type and the project title given in the WorkFlow System of all those CR files. I see attached table.

The  information will be included in the separate fields in File details in GCP CR so that they can be searchable independently. The intention of the table sent  is only to provide the new information with enough links for us to insert it in the correct place in the database. It isnot intended as a model display or anything like that, So no field in the existing file information should be replaced.

A. underline the number of files registered and uploaded to highlight the link function - DONE
B. So, , if you click on the number of registered file -231, or on the side menu:  
  1.    the current page does not change but  displays now , additionally, the Ax Project number in the default display, the other fields could be added as with the current method - ON GOING
  2.    that the additional fields  created must be inserted in the picklist ‘search criteria’and in the pick list Add columns

C. Similarly,  for ‘uploaded files’, the current page  displays now the Ax Project number

D. The additional fields should appear in the data sets registration form as well so users will fill them in and in the download.

E. Finally,  it should be possible to click on a link in another web site (The GCW Workflow System, or the IBP Wiki, or the IBP Portal) and have the file list of the CR open in a new window filtered on the AX project number like this URL http://www.gramene.org/db/searches/quick_search?query=AZUCENA will return a page from gramene with hits for Azucena. - DONE

Elizabeth Arnaud,
Aug 25, 2011, 10:44 PM
Elizabeth Arnaud,
Aug 25, 2011, 10:46 PM